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Beer is a fermented beverage principally made from four ingredients; water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. Each one of these ingredients will impart its own flavour characteristics to the finished product, one which is almost as old as civilization itself.

Some aboriginals in South America still make a brew called chicha. It is made of corn that is chewed by the tribal women, spat into a bowl, and allowed to ferment for a few days before being consumed by the whole tribe. This could possibly put a whole new spin on the role of women in advertising beer if it were introduced to Canada.

Rhine heights go… what?

You may have heard of the “Bavarian Purity Law,” also known as “Reinheitsgebot.” This German law, dated 1516 and still enforced today, stipulates that only barley malt, hops, and water may be used in the making of beer. It is one of the earliest, and longest running, examples of consumer protection legislation.

Inventive brewers, like inventive cooks, have experimented with the addition of other ingredients in their search for the perfect brew. These additional ingredients are called adjuncts and are any source of carbohydrates other than malted grains. Many brewers, in their search for the perfect bottom line and a stable beer with a longer shelf life, add ingredients such as cane or corn sugar, molasses, corn, and rice in order to provide the sugars required for fermentation without incurring the costs of more expensive malted grains. Though these cheaper ingredients, in restrained quantities, can be used with intelligent care by a craft brewer, macrobrewers tend to be unrestrained in their use.

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  • 33′ Export Lager Beer

    157.30 Availability: In Stock
  • Budweiser 33CL


    10,781.10 Availability: In Stock
  • Captain Jack 75CL

    Captain Jack

    3,300.00 Availability: In Stock
  • Desperados Tequila Beer 45CL


    13,176.90 Availability: In Stock
  • Chelsea Dry Gin 75CL

    Chelsea Dry Gin

    2,200.00 Availability: In Stock
  • Ciu Ciu Gotigo Red Wine 75CL

    Ciu Ciu Gotigo Red Wine

    10,800.00 Availability: In Stock
  • Desperados

    18,150.00 Availability: In Stock
  • Goldberg Lager Beer 50cl

    Goldberg Lager Beer

    10,890.00 Availability: In Stock
  • Guinness Smooth Can 33CL

    Guinness Smooth Can

    17,968.50 Availability: In Stock
  • Heineken 33CL


    10,182.15 Availability: In Stock
  • Hunters Dry Nrb Cider

    Hunters Dry Nrb

    955.90 Availability: In Stock
  • Hunters Gold Nrb Cider

    Hunters Gold Nrb

    955.90 Availability: In Stock
  • Klipfel Sylvaner 2017 White Wine

    Klipfel Sylvaner 2017 White Wine

    6,339.93 Availability: In Stock
  • La Fiole Cotes du Rhone White 75cl

    LaFiole Cotes du Rhone

    7,200.00 Availability: In Stock
  • Legend Extra Stout 60CL

    Legend Extra Stout

    16,770.60 Availability: In Stock
  • Life Lager Beer 50CL

    Life Lager Beer

    8,833.00 Availability: In Stock
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